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warning_icon Premiums are going up for some funds from 1 April. Check you're on the best value cover, then pre-pay your annual premium by 31 March. If you can, it's an easy way to save.

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Health insurance comparisons – the facts

Why don't other websites give you the full picture?

When you buy insurance through iSelect, Compare the Market, or Health Insurance Comparison, they earn a percentage of the premium. If they don't get a commission, they won't show you the policy, even if it's the best one for your needs.

Canstar and Finder earn fees from participating funds, which affects what they show in their comparisons. By default they show you only those funds – you have to uncheck a box to show the funds that don't pay them fees.

How is CHOICE different? Well for a start, we don't take commissions from health funds. You pay us directly to search widely and apply our expert scoring so that we find you the best-value policies that match your needs.

We're also nonprofit, and we're not here to make a sale – so you won't be getting any pushy phone calls or emails from us.

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Table last updated March 2023. The number of insurers listed on comparison sites might appear to be high, but CHOICE only counts health insurers with policies available to purchase, and excludes corporate-only funds. Read more about insurance comparison sites and how they work.

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Our experts aren't here to sell you a policy or earn a commission. They're in it for you, uncovering the policies that give real value.

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We have provided the health insurance information and tools in this section to help you find a health insurance policy that best suits your needs.

We are not providing you with specific financial advice or endorsing any particular product. We are assisting you with a process which will result in you making your own direct enquiries with health insurance providers and, if necessary, obtaining your own professional financial advice. The information we are providing is not a substitute for those steps. We have included links to some providers for convenience but this is not to be taken as an endorsement of those providers or their products. We don't receive commissions from health insurance providers.

We are not providing you with any form of medical advice regarding your particular circumstances. If you have enquiries about any medical condition, you should see your general practitioner or other appropriate health services professional. The information we have provided is, in most cases, sourced from third parties. While we make every effort to verify this information, we make no assurance about its accuracy or correctness. Again, your review of this information should be followed by your own enquiries with the relevant providers.

For the reasons above, CHOICE disclaims all and any liability for any errors or mis-descriptions in the health insurance information and will not be liable for your use of or reliance on that information or your use of the tools in this section.

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